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What we provide: 

We provide all rods, tackle, bait, and equipment needed for the charter. We use top quality gear: G-Loomis rods and Shimano reels.   All boats are equipped with all required safety equipment. Fish cleaning is provided for all our clients at the end of each trip.  

What to bring:

 - Fishing license available online at: or purchase at local sporting good store and gas stations

- King stamp (if fishing kings); Also available online

- Sunscreen, sunglasses, warm coat, rain gear

- Snacks/lunch, camera


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Kenai King


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Kenai River

First Run (King Salmon) May-June:       

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The first run of King Salmon begins entering the Kenai River    in April and     reach catchable numbers by early May.  This run peaks around mid June.  While the average size of these fish are slightly smaller than the 2nd run there are trophy fish in this run as well.  The world record King Salmon weighed 97.4 lbs and was caught on the Kenai on May 17, 1985.  Although this run is not as numerous as the 2nd run, low water conditions and fewer anglers often make this a more enjoyable and quite successful time to fish.  The low water helps concentrate fish into the deeper holes and main channels making them easier to intercept on their way upstream.

The Kenai River is closed to guided fishing on Sunday's and Monday's in the months of May, June, and July and has hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  There is also a seasonal bag limit of 2 Kings and a daily limit of 1.  Once an angler retains a King Salmon they may not fish again the remainder of the day. 


Second Run (King Salmon) July:

The 2nd run of Kings begins on July 1.  It draws large crowds of anglers each season.  This run has a considerably larger return than the 1st run, as well as producing a larger size average.  The river can get very crowded at this time of year, but it makes for an exciting fishery.  Anglers not familiar with this fishery, should fish with a licensed guide or knowledgeable local.  There is also a very healthy run of sockeye salmon entering the river at this time.  This is our busiest time of the season, so early booking is strongly recommended. 

August and September (Silver Salmon & Pink Salmon):

Both the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers host a strong run of Silver Salmon (Coho's).  They begin entering the rivers in July and reach catchable numbers by the end of King season (July 31).  We begin fishing silvers on August 1 and continue through mid-September.  Silvers are a fun, acrobatic fish that can be caught with a number of methods. 

We also get a record run of Pink Salmon(Humpies) on every other year (even years).  Pinks come in the same time as the Silvers and are very aggressive, making this an excellent time for families with children.  There is no end to the action while Pinks are in the river.  The limit of Silvers is 2 per day, while the limit of Pinks is 6.  The Kenai River is still closed on Monday's for guided fishing, however, the Kasilof is open 7 days a week again.

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