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What we provide: 

We provide all rods, tackle, bait, and equipment needed for the charter. We use top quality gear: G-Loomis rods and Shimano reels.   All boats are equipped with all required safety equipment. Fish cleaning is provided for all our clients at the end of each trip.  

What to bring:

 - Fishing license available online at: or purchase at local sporting good store and gas stations

- King stamp (if fishing kings); Also available online

- Sunscreen, sunglasses, warm coat, rain gear

- Snacks/lunch, camera


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Kenai King


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Kasilof River

First Run (King Salmon) May-June:

Description of Picture.The Kasilof River is one of our most overlooked fisheries.  It produces an excellent King Salmon run and is located only 12 miles south of the more famous Kenai River.  It's a smaller, shallower river that requires the use of drift boats. This makes it a very quiet and relaxing trip. 

The Kasilof has a strong 1st run of Kings that begins in early May and peaks in mid June.  This is one of our best, most productive fisheries and it produces very high catch rates.  The average size of these fish are 12-25 lbs, but larger fish are also present.  Fish up to 70 pounds have been caught from late June on.  This is an excellent time to fish as the crowds haven't arrived yet and is possibly our favorite time of the season.  There are no hour or day restrictions on the Kasilof, so some of our trips start pretty early to take advantage of our 24 hours of daylight.


Second Run (King Salmon) July:

Description of Picture.The 2nd run of Kings officially begins on July 1.  Average weights are now 20-40 lbs with larger fish always present.  Once again this is an often overlooked fishery as most people are concentrating on the Kenai River.  It can be a very productive fishery. 




August and September (Silver Salmon):

Both the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers host a strong run of Silver Salmon (Coho's).  They begin entering the rivers in July and reach catchable numbers by the end of King season (July 31).  We begin fishing Silvers on August 1 and continue through mid-September.  Silvers are a fun, acrobatic fish that can be caught with a number of methods. 



kasilof river.